Easy to use Speech Synthesis for people who have lost their power of speech:

IconSpeak Talking Desktop is designed to enable the non-verbal (aphasic) user to speak anything they may wish to say.
They can type a word, phrase or sentence and speak it using Text-to-Speech or select pre-defined words, phrases or sentences from a categorized list.
Optionally, the user can enable Clipboard Speaker mode, whereby any text copied to the clipboard (from any other running Pocket PC program) will be spoken.




  • Designed for the non-verbal user who needs to communicate in every day situations
  • Two modes of operation: Type + Speak Mode and Pre-defined Phrases Mode
  • Type + Speak Mode lets you type in anything and say it immediately.
  • Pre-defined Phrases Mode lets you speak phrases that have been created previously and stored under category headings.
  • Text can be input using any method available with the Pocket PC. e.g. Mini soft input panel (SIP), Full screen soft input panel, Handwriting recognition, Thumb-pad, Foldaway keyboard etc.
  • Available for use with a range of Text-to-Speech engines in many languages.
  • Text-to-Speech Engine and IconSpeak Talking Desktop program are available separately if necessary.
  • Uses low cost Color Pocket PC such as the HP  IPAQ & Dell Axim, or Mobile Phone Pocket PC's such as the O2 XDA.
  • Designed and supported by qualified member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

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