Mobile Talker is still available, but has now been superceded by our new product mobile112

Mobile Talker: Easy to use Speech Synthesis for people who have lost their power of speech and for Dyslexic users who need help with reading, writing and text messaging:

Mobile Talker Version 3 is designed to enable the non-verbal (aphasic) users to speak anything they may wish to say. It also can benefit severe dyslexic users who need help with reading, writing and text messaging.
Users can type a word, phrase or sentence and speak it using Text-to-Speech or select pre-defined words, phrases or sentences from a categorized list. They can receive text messages which are then spoken, and can send text messages.
Optionally, the user can enable Clipboard Speaker mode, whereby any text copied to the clipboard from any other running program will be spoken.

Type + Speak Tab
Pre-defined Phrases Tab


  • Designed for the non-verbal or dyslexic user who needs help to communicate in every day situations
  • Two modes of operation: Type + Speak Mode and Pre-defined Phrases Mode
  • Type + Speak Mode lets you type in anything and say it immediately.
  • Pre-defined Phrases Mode lets you speak phrases that have been created previously and stored under category headings.
  • Text can be input using any method available with the Windows Mobile device. e.g. Physical keyboard, On-screen keyboard, Handwriting recognition, Thumb-pad etc.
  • Available for use with a range of Text-to-Speech engines in many languages.
  • Receives, sends and speaks SMS text messages (if installed on a Windows Mobile Phone)
  • Works with low cost Windows Mobile PDA's and Windows Mobile Phones.
  • Designed and supported by qualified member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Rental (including a Windows Mobile device) now available to people resident in the UK. Rental cost is fully refunded if you subsequently purchase Mobile Talker software.

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