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Mobile Talker Installation includes all necessary system files for installing the program on a Touch Screen Windows Mobile 5 / 6 Pocket PC or Phone.

Download the Installation Memory Card Image suitable for your language and extract it to the root of a Memory Card. Insert the memory card in your device, and it will self-install. Until a license is purchased, the trial version will run 20 times for up to 1 hour each time.

Suitable for Touch Screen Windows Mobile 5 / 6 Pocket PC's / Phones

Product Text-To-Speech Engine Language Gender Price Buy Download
Mobile Talker V3.0 Cepstral(tm)
Please purchase voices separately direct from CEPSTRAL's Online Store. Free demos are available here.
Any Language / Voice for CE4.2 Platform. Cepstral currently support US English, UK English, Canadian French, German & American Spanish Various male and female voices are available $129 (+ $19.99 for each Cepstral voice purchased separately)
Download Cepstral
Mobile Talker V3.0 Acapela(tm) US English Ryan, Kenny (boy) Male Adult or Child $149
Download Ryan
Download Kenny
Mobile Talker V3.0 Acapela(tm) US English Heather,  Laura or Nelly (girl) Female Adult or Child $149
Download Heather
Download Laura
Download Nelly
Mobile Talker V3.0 Acapela(tm) UK English Graham or Peter Male £99
Download Graham
Download Peter
Mobile Talker V3.0 Acapela(tm) UK English Lucy Female £99
Download Lucy
Mobile Talker V3.0 Acapela(tm) The following voices are also available:
Arabic Salma
Arabic Youssef
Belgian Dutch Sofie
Canadian French Louise
Dutch Femke
Danish Mette
Dutch Max
French Alice
French Bruno
French Claire
French Julie
German Klaus
German Sarah
Italian Chiara
Norwegian Kari
Spanish US Rosa
Portugese Celia
Spanish Maria
Swedish Emma
Swedish Erik
Various Male and Female voices are available £TBA Email us to express your interest. Discounts available if you do the text translations for us. Local distribution agreements also available.  

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