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Press the Icon and it speaks for you:

Click the image below to try a simulation of IconSpeak.

Click the image above to try a simulation of IconSpeak


  • Library of Icons or use your own (including digital or scanned photos) or use existing licensed symbol set such as PCS or REBUS.
  • Multiple Voice Libraries or record your own and now supports Text-To-Speech.
  • Uses low cost Color Pocket PC such as the HP  IPAQ & Dell Axim, or Mobile Phone Pocket PC's such as the O2 XDA / HTC Range.
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5 & 6.
  • Now support for Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC (incl. Vista) with full sentence construction.
  • From 2 to 24 Icon Cells on Pocket PC, and up to 96 Icon Cells on a Tablet/Laptop/Desktop PC.
  • Upgrades and new Libraries available over the Web
  • Designed and supported by qualified member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Frequently Asked  Questions

Online Documentation

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Support, Upgrades & Bug fixes    

Request a free evaluation CD using our Email Enquiry Form (Note: requires pop-ups to be enabled)

Rental (including a PDA) now available to people resident in the UK. Rental cost full refunded if you subsequently purchase IconSpeak software. Request Rental

You may purchase IconSpeak Licenses via Paypal using the buttons below:


 IconSpeak Pocket PC version US $250 per user
 IconSpeak PC Version (Laptop/Tablet/Desktop PC) US $250 per user.
 IconSpeak Bundle (Pocket PC + PC version for the SAME User) US $375 per user.


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